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Greetings and welcome to harpists and harp devotes. I’d like to tell you about some things that have changed in my life and some things that have remained constant. The biggest change: After 37 years of living in the same apartment at Broadway and West 85th in Manhattan, it was time for the grand exit. My partner John Kubiniec (of “Big Rig Quilting” https://bigrigquilting.wordpress.com) and I gave up each of our NYC apartments and moved to Rochester, NY. We now live in a beautiful four bedroom, two-story house with a music room for the piano and five harps and a full basement for John’s quilting involvements. When we unpacked the goods from each of our overcrowded apartments, we filled this big house immediately. We no longer live like New Yorkers. We have moved to America!

If you will take the tour of my website, you will find information on my various publications. Some are for performance. Some are for study. Please scroll through the list. These are available through most distributors of harp music throughout the US.

The video page has numerous YouTube entries that show either my performance of selected arrangements or give explanations of some of the study books. There is also a new section on this page called “Harp Basics” that has been very popular with entry level harp students.

Skype is becoming a favorite medium for communication. I use it in private lessons. With this valuable internet capability, lessons and coachings with students in any location are possible. If you are interested, please inquire.

Please feel free to drop a line to rpoolnyc@gmail.com if you have a question or comment*. Thanks for stopping by.

Best wishes to all,
Ray Pool

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*Yes, I kept the “nyc” as part of my email address. It would be too confusing to try to get rid of it.

Photo by Randy Duchaine
Photo: Randy Duchaine.

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Updated: 6/14/15